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Total Body Trifecta Fitness Studio

Total Body Trifecta Fitness Studio

Total Body Trifecta Fitness Studio, the fitness studio where everyBODY wins. TBT has been open since 1997 and has had but one iteration of its website in all that time...until now.

Working closely with Mary Anne I completely redesigned the website from the ground up. The new site has a clean, simple and bright look and feel, incorporating company colors. The site is easy to navigate and makes critical information accessible, such as class descriptions, schedules and membership rates. With the backend tools available, Mary Anne will be updating her site with ever-changing, topical information in her newsletter, monthly schedule and special summer events.

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Craniosacral Therapy Education

Turtle Back Craniosacral Education

Turtle Back Craniosacral Education with Margery Chessare, LMT, BCST, PLLC. A new logo and a new website! A clean, open design which allows the content to stand on its own without distraction. Designed with soothing colors which go hand-in-hand with Craniosacral Therapy, and a slow and wise turtle.

For the first time ever, Margery is thrilled with access and ability to update the website herself, to be able to continually update her busy class and workshop schedule and offerings. We worked a basic content management website into something more with the ability to sign up and pay for classes utilizing PayPal buttons and features. The addition of an Amazon bookstore further enhances the site as a resource for clients and students alike.

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Saratoga Kayak

Saratoga Kayak aka The Kayak Shak

For years the Kayak Shak didn't have its own website, it was only a page on the Fish Creek Marina site. Contact info, directions, and all the fun services offered were either nonexistent, or vastly under-represented. So a new website was born.

The site was given its own fun, colorful design, images are a prominent feature on the home page since a picture is worth a thousand words. A photo-gallery is a big feature of the site as well. What better way to show people how much fun it is to be kayaking on Fish Creek or Saratoga Lake.

An easy and simple navigation was laid out to allow viewers to find what they want as quickly as possible. Prices, services, events, directions, links to friends and local attractions, all the important stuff are easy to find and read.

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Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network

Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network

The Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network (SIPN) was organized in 2001 and shortly thereafter launched its first website. In early 2010 the site was redesigned and built from the ground up, xhtml and css code compliant. The new site is brighter and more colorful, making the huge volume of content easier to read and allowing for larger photos and graphics, especially on the individual practitioners pages.

Whole new sections have been added, Want Ads, and a new Events calendar created to help SIPN members advertise all that they offer. The calendar has grown beyond expectations and become a resource for all SIPN members.

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Lily and the Rose Catering

Lily and the Rose Gourmet Catering

This is the third iteration of the Lily and the Rose website. As the years pass, Kim's many endeavors, all the weddings, events and parties she has catered has led to an over-abundance of photos and information. Keeping all the photos accessible, easy to navigate and presentable called for a whole new photo gallery and arrangement. Lengthy menus, client lists, testimonials and links pages are presented in an easy to navigate, simple, and easy-to-read page-layout.

Kim has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and praise for the new site. And better yet...plenty of new business.

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General Atomic

General Atomic

General Atomic is a personal site of mine where I've been having some fun still, there's a ton of work to do.

T-shirts for sale
I have tons of little bits of art laying around and I've started to gather them up and put them on t-shirts. Take a look, something might catch your eye.

Plus, there are a couple of posters for sale, and I still have to complete some new iphone and desktop wallpapers.

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