Paul Chessare Graphic Design


Hi. I'm Paul.

dark woods
In the woods :: photo by pc

First and foremost, I started drawing as soon as I could wrap my little mitt around a crayon. Over the ensuing years I worked primarily in pen and ink, drawing and illustrating. I've also worked with various other media, oil paints, acrylics and air-brushing. I've had medical drawings published in a medical journal.

In 1985 I purchased my first Mac Plus. Since then I've been working and illustrating on the computer. Today, I still like to sketch out something in my note book, scan it and fine tune the details and paint on the computer.

I'm passionate about graphic design and my extensive art background allows me to do original and beautiful designs, solve problems, and offer alternative solutions for any print or web project.

Saying I do Graphic Design is too narrow a view of my capabilities. With over 20 years in the print industry and 11 years designing and building websites I have much to offer. Yes, websites from concept to completion, and print media, and also illustration and photography.

One thing I love doing in particular is creating logos. I've created logos for a wide variety of businesses as well as for personal use. If you're thinking of starting a business and you need a logo, I can help. If you already have a logo and it's looking dated or it's been in use too long, I can give your old logo a fresh and updated redesign.

ancient Egyptian art
The Tut Exhibit, Emory University :: photo by pc

Personally, you'll always find me creating something, drawing, cooking, taking photos, gardening, stacking rocks in my yard...doing stuff. I have a photoblog, too.
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Fun with pixels::General Atomic

anime characters
Osprey, sunset on Providenciales :: photo by pc